RX hydraulic breaker in demolition, secondary rock breaking

Hydraulic attachments: BREAKERS

The RX range of light, medium and heavy breakers mean there’s a unit matched to any carrier from 1.3 to 70 tons. The highly efficient hammers have renown RX noise and vibration dampening technology. All RX breakers feature a Monoblock design for maximum uptime, fast and easy replacement in the field and lower overall maintenance costs. 


RC hydraulic compactors efficiently combine high compaction frequency with high vibrating force – increasing your productivity on almost any job, including slope compaction, without taking a toll on your carrier. Their design reduces vibration, integrated flow rate and pressure control to protect your rig‘s hydraulic system from overload. And better force distribution across the plate reduces stress on the compactor during operation. Longer life and lower maintenance reduce overall cost of ownership. 


Contractor Grapples handle irregularly shaped loads and loose materials in applications ranging from forestry, recycling, landscaping, and demolition to construction or general contracting. 

Hydraulic Attachments Downloads

RX Hydraulic Breakers (pdf)


Contractor Grapples HD (pdf)


RC Hydraulic Compactors (pdf)


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The RX hydraulic attachments line

· 2-in-1 Cylinder and tool holder design eliminates strain and risk of seizure

· Fewer parts for optimized durability and easy serviceability 

· Eliminating the high-pressure accumulator increases reliability

· No side bolts means no bending stress nor need for special tools while servicing 

· One-piece, floating wear bushing maximizes uptime – easily replaced in the field 

· Central lubrication point makes lubrication quick and easy 

· Optional automatic lubrication device for hands-free lubrication 



Carrier class: 1.3 to 15 tons 

Applications: Light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction



Carrier class: 12 to 28 tons

Applications: Medium demolition, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation, quarrying

Medium range features: 

· Active Ventilation Port 

· Double Tool Retainer Bars 

· Power Stop 


Carrier class: 20-70 tons

Applications: Medium and heavy industrial and building demolition, road construction, rock excavation and quarrying

Heavy range features:

· Power control plus 

· Active ventilation port protects 

· Double tool retainer bars 

· Reinforced breaker box design 

· Rock claws

RX  hydraulic hammer attachment for demo, landscaping, rock excavation and construction.

RX hydraulic hammer attachment for demo, landscaping, rock excavation and construction.

RC Hydraulic Compactors

Carrier range: 1.1 to 45 tons

Applications: Slope, trench and waste compaction; road repair; site development; sheet piling and other form work

Compaction frequency range: 2100 to 2200 vpm

Compaction force: 3086 to 25,133 lbf-ft


· Attach with a standard or quick-change adapter. 

· Mounts available for all major carrier brands.

· RC AutoLube system. 

· Standard, specially designed oil-bath system around the shaft bearing providing continuous lubrication. 

· Integrated hydraulic flow and pressure control.

· Standard quick-change adapter plates, and interchangeable vibrating plates. 

· Range of heavy-duty hydraulic connection hoses, fitting kits and maintenance kits.

Compactor attachment for slope, trench and waste compaction as well as site development.

Compactor attachment for slope, trench and waste compaction as well as site development.


Carrier range: 2 to 57.5 tons

Applications: Demolition, rip-rap, construction-and-demolition (C&D) sorting, handling scrap and waste.

Configurations: 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 


· Heavy-duty design 

· Twin, thick, heavy-duty mounting lugs 

· Heavy-duty boxed torque tube 

· High-strength tines with replaceable Hardox 400 wear tips 

· Adapts to any quick coupler, pin grabber

Contractor grapple HD attachment for demo and sorting.

Contractor grapple HD attachment for demo and sorting.