Reliable to the Xtreme

Our story is about dedication to the same robust and reliable design through generations of hydraulic attachments. 

Our first hammers for construction industry, released in the late ‘90s, featured high single-blow energy and a long-stroke design with an enclosed working box that improved efficiency while isolating vibration. They evolved to become today’s range of RX-series light, medium and heavy hammers for carriers ranging from 1.3 to 70 tons. 

While the product line was consequently owned and further developed by various brands, the breaker’s successful innovations inspired additional rig-mounted attachments that all share a Monoblock design – the full range of RX Hydraulic Compactors, and RX Contractor Grapples for carriers 1 to 40 tons. 


Launch of rig-mounted hammers featuring high single-blow energy and long-stroke design with an enclosed working box design improved efficiency while isolating vibration  


Launch of medium-duty hydraulic breakers. Design breakthroughs introduce new models whose upgraded designs increase productivity for North American contractors


Launch of heavy hydraulic breakers for carriers 20 to 70 tons 


Continued innovation produces the first RX-series medium sized, rig-mounted hydraulic breakers. Monoblock design increases reliability and ease-of-service  


Launch hydraulic compactors, known as RC-series, with six models available for carriers 1 to 40 tons 


Launch of new heavy hydraulic breakers featuring performance enhancements such as PowerControl Plus 


Introduction of additional RC compactors and the RX 12, the smallest of the series’ mid-size breakers, featuring hybrid gas/oil technology 


RX-series of hydraulic, rig-mounted attachments becomes its own product line


RX celebrates 20 years of proven performance in demanding North American applications